Love Is a 4-Legged Name: Polo

Hello animal lovers and if you aren’t, hopefully after reading this you will be! Have you ever considered or contemplated on getting a pup? Were you afraid of the amount of responsibility that came with the cost? Needed to know if it is worth it? Well, I can answer that last question for you. I am so happy to introduce you to… POLO!

Here is a thread of my little guy:

My mom, brothers and I got Polo just a few months after he was born in 2011. His mom is a schnauzer and his father is a poodle! Polo does tend to always look like a puppy or he can sometimes look like a little old man because of his signature schnauzer beard style. He will forever be my little baby. I promise it is the same pup in each photo.

I have never met any animal more like a human my entire life. Either we raised him in the most spoiled ways or he is actually that intelligent.

If it is raining outside and we have to go for his usual walks, he will sit there and wait for it to stop raining before he walks off the porch.

…I usually hold the umbrella over him since I usually have a hoodie on. 

He loves to be around you when you do laundry and he likes to sit on the warm clothes that smell really nice.

He usually gets super pumped when I open the dryer and throw the clothes on my bed to fold. 

Polo hates baths. He hates them. 

Usually, Polo only likes to eat whenever everyone else is eating or he will feel somewhat left out. But when Polo is hungry, Polo WILL eat. Polo also really loves pineapples, apples, strawberries, and bananas. He eats really healthy and he is one healthy pup. (Disclaimer: he actually hates this new organic food in this picture)

Polo has a giant blanket with his face on it. 

Polo likes to fall asleep with his head up. The strangest thing. His Instagram @polotheschnooodle has a video of him actually falling asleep like this. 

Polo loves to hug my legs for some strange reason.

He is always willing to go wherever I go as well. It’s quite remarkable, he loves seeing new things and meeting new people and sticking his head out the window. 

He is my personal study buddy but he also hates when I study. Polo needs a lot of attention whenever he wants it but we usually have our daily dosage of play every day around my schedule. 

He loves to play(destroy) with the stuffed animal version of himself.

Polo is also afraid to really bite someone. If he ever feels like he has bitten too hard when you were playing with him, he immediately gives you kisses wherever his teeth were around your hand/foot/etc. 

Polo actually sits down and listens to you if  you try to hold a conversation with him. He will truly sit there, look at you, tilt his head, and keep looking at you until you’re done with whatever you need to say. Polo LISTENS. He knows a gazillion words. When I pray, he even sits next to me as I do so.

Polo is the bestest friend anyone can ask for and I love him so much. He is always making sure everyone is completely happy before himself. Every morning he gives you good-morning kisses when he sees the slightest whites of your eyeball open. He always makes sure all tears are licked away whenever you shed them. Everyone should try to invest in an animal best-friend because they can make your world a whole lot better. Taking care of him has increased the depth of focus on my goals and responsibility. It feels really amazing at the end of the day. He will forever be my little man. 

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