Happy Wednesday AKA Hump Day! You’ve made it through the middle of the week and it’s almost Friday. I usually get stressed during this time but it is always good to remember the positives that outweigh the stresses in life…

First lets start it off with this:

“The battle is not our’s, but God’s.”

2 Chronicles 20:15

There is no sort of place I can actually start with discussing anxiety, it gives me anxiety just thinking about it. Thinking. Why do we think so much? How do we actually have the capacity to sit there and think about so many things that can end up changing our perspective on certain aspects in our daily lives? Why do we blame ourselves when we think this way? Why do our minds blame the world for being the way it is and why is it so hard to live with anxiety? Why is my thinking so powerful? Why is my mind so powerful?

For one, our brains are one of the most powerful organs in the body. It is actually the most complex organ in the body to be precise. Do you think when you scratch your head it was all off of your muscle’s intuition? How did that itch even happen? How did you even sense that itch? From the Central Nervous System of course. Do you remember panicking about not finding an exit, having a panic attack while studying for an unusually hard exam, or even doubting your self worth? Everything that we do, what we think, is completely in our brain(the heart does make us feel things as well but that’s for another lovely topic). Do you also remember that one time you got so excited that you actually couldn’t stop smiling so excessively, your hands couldn’t stop shaking and it felt like a rocket was about to be set off? Your brain told you to feel that way because a nice sensation of Serotonin(a really happy hormone) was triggered all throughout your system. Find the truth behind the deceit in your thoughts and make your own serotonin with anxiety. It’s there.

As a human who has experienced some of the worst anxiety, panic attacks, got through them, learned from them, and somehow knew how to manage it, I can assure you that if the mind is so powerful to do the things in the previous paragraph, then why can’t it make you the happiest person alive? Think about it. But not too much! It’s inevitable to dodge a panic attack, anxiety, etc. But it is always possible to know how to manage it, ignore it, defeat it. If you can tell yourself that you are in such a turmoil of fight or flight from overthinking, than you have the power to tell yourself it will be alright. Only YOU are in control of your mind, your HEART, and YOUR happiness. You actually and really are! It’s not someone else’s brain, it is your brain. Take over your brain again, don’t let it take over you. Try not to let some little thought grow big in your mind when there are blossoms already seeded into the platform ready to bloom. You know you’re the greatest person in the world. Accept it and believe it.

“You can’t win the war against the world if you can’t win the war against your own mind.”

-Will Smith

Win your mind over again, then love it. 


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