Overcome Your Pride and Face Your Fears: Drawing & Ceramics 🎨

Hey Peeps!

For forever, I’ve always thought I sucked at drawing/painting/sculpting/all of it. I was always so intrigued with every natural artist I saw throughout my youth-now. It frustrated me so much that I decided to steer away from it and completely shut that door years ago. It wasn’t until classes in College started back up again in January when I told myself I’m going to conquer the pride on my back and face my fear of not being the best at something I ignored a while ago.

It started out horrible. The majority of people in my class aren’t even art majors and they were all magnificent. Every other class it was so bad that I think sometimes my eyes would water whilst staring at my canvas or looking at my deceased clay ball. I’ve never wanted to give up so bad but I kept telling myself it’ll get better with patience and that I also had to defeat my annoying pride. It got better. Like really better.

As soon as I realized it and accepted it, everything changed. Every bad day in those art classes became days where I just prayed about it, moved on, had faith and tried my best in class and didn’t worry about being perfect at all. It became something so little that my art became something so big. It wasn’t until I actually started looking at an in-class charcoal drawing I did and took a picture of it and got so many amazed compliments on it. The same happened with my pottery and I just couldn’t believe it. My drawing and my pottery actually looked pretty decent and I finally felt like I defeated that pride. I’m now working on a ceramics project where I am creating a Giant Flamingo Cookie Bowl and a drawing project where I am drawing a Flamingo. We’ll see how that goes but who would have ever thought?

We’re constantly going to take opportunities and throw away opportunities but it is our decision to choose the ones that help us grow.

🌼Here are some pics🌼


9 thoughts on “Overcome Your Pride and Face Your Fears: Drawing & Ceramics 🎨

      1. I sure wish I was naturally artistic! Anything that ended up being as decent as those pictures are took so much “error” Haha!!! I want to say a good 7 trials for drawing and with pottery, I learned to love my clay instead of dislike it and it started to get better that way as well! I think it’s definitely a mind thing 😓

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      2. Trial and error is how every human learns, plus practice makes perfect! And it’s definitely in your mind, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and the art will create itself. 🙃

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