Start 2018 with: “Only You”


First, Happy New Year!

I truly think it is important to understand an artist through their music, not their personal life, but solely their music. It’s pretty essential for the mind and soul while cleansing the body. Now, this song was introduced to me in 2017 and I have loved it ever since. This artist is one of my ALL time favorites and he has to be one of the most creative, unique, and IMPECCABLE artists in the music industry. The way he includes his vocals into the melodies he creates is just absolutely astounding.

One wouldn’t even know that this was just a cover and not his song at all. The bass guitar, the reverb, the way he pronounces each word in a way to make you vibe with it from deep down is all too familiar and such an extraordinary feeling. For a while, I was debating on posting one of his original songs or this cover and I have concluded that I was going to post his cover of “Only You” as the first post in the Music tab. It just really signifies how he can do anything. Each time he sings “only you” gives a thrilling chill down my spine every time it is sung. As wonderful as this cover makes me feel and as groovy as it makes me want to dance, I hope this song also brings you the most optimism and hope to a new start as the year of 2018 begins.

Alas, I think it’s only right to bring in the new year with some classic Frank Ocean.

Click the link below:

Only You by Frank Ocean

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