Awaiting a rescue


Sometimes we have so much faith that our eyes tend to put on a lens that make us believe what we want to believe is real and true, when it is not. I guess this lens is the same as looking in a dark room with no light, feeling nobody, hearing nothing, completely blind and deaf. Hellen Keller lived in the 1800’s and had a life to struggle with due to the fact that she was blind and deaf, but even she got through it somehow and became a huge role model to so many people. Heck, her name was even mentioned in classic indie-rock and pop hits. 

Being in this place where we feel stuck, we sometimes don’t ask ourselves how we got here anymore. I remember when I used to ask why, but then, progressively started to appreciate the experience on how stronger I am and how better I’ll be at getting through the next foot stuck in the mud. I stopped asking “why is this happening?” And as I sit there waiting to for a rescue with no worries, I feel more comfortable that it is just me and faith. 

Keeping this weird light feeling of hope and faith on my back does not even bother me. These situations can go two ways:

1) When we let someone rescue us, we feel vulnerable to them, instantly connecting, instantly falling, and then we end up in the same room we were in from the beginning. Then we don’t really want to be rescued again anymore. We still will continue to forever have that same hope like it never went away. It’s a process that starts all over again until we figure out what the solution will be.

2) But maybe…just maybe, we should get up next time instead of waiting for a rescue. But for this specific time, instead of someone to look forward to, let God rescue us. 

Of course it works because from that point in time and on, we become free.

If you have ever fell in situation #1, this does not mean anything is wrong with you, so don’t ever feel that way. If you read carefully, God will always be there in those #1 situations when you don’t feel it as much as you’d like. Deep down, you truly know he is there carrying you through those footprints in the mud. That little voice in the back of your mind that you cant really grasp yet, is definitely him. Just somewhat like the famous poem says, they weren’t your footprints, they were his carrying you through those situations.

The realization of the end of the journey of your #1 situations immediately turn into your #2 situations. Which makes it all apart of the process.


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