Love Is a 4-Legged Name: Polo

Hello animal lovers and if you aren’t, hopefully after reading this you will be! Have you ever considered or contemplated on getting a pup? Were you afraid of the amount of responsibility that came with the cost? Needed to know if it is worth it? Well, I can answer that last question for you. I am […]

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Happy Wednesday AKA Hump Day! You’ve made it through the middle of the week and it’s almost Friday. I usually get stressed during this time but it is always good to remember the positives that outweigh the stresses in life… First lets start it off with this: “The battle is not our’s, but God’s.” 2 […]

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Start 2018 with: “Only You”

  First, Happy New Year! I truly think it is important to understand an artist through their music, not their personal life, but solely their music. It’s pretty essential for the mind and soul while cleansing the body. Now, this song was introduced to me in 2017 and I have loved it ever since. This […]

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Awaiting a rescue

  Sometimes we have so much faith that our eyes tend to put on a lens that make us believe what we want to believe is real and true, when it is not. I guess this lens is the same as looking in a dark room with no light, feeling nobody, hearing nothing, completely blind […]

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